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I studied this issue in depth during the run up to the RFA vote. The bottom line, using the city's own economic analysis is that it cost more to provide services to the annexed area than it will generate in revenue.

The people of Olympia need to ask one question: What benefits do they get from this annexation?

I have asked this question several times and received no meaningful response.

The fact is, there is no requirement for the city to annex this area and it will, without a doubt, cost current Olympians millions of dollars more with no tangible benefit.

For more information go to:

Once you are there, you can download the report that is cited in the JOLT article, see the map of the area and watch videos of Council people revealing how the higher costs for providing fire services to the annexation were "the quiet part" of the overall RFA strategy.

Again, what benefits do current residents receive from this annexation?

From: Olympia City Council studies annexing urban growth area; weighs impacts on providing city services and finances

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