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Reroute the Hwy on the east side of HWY 99.

Last year, the POrt of Olympia completed plans to expand the airport to allow cargo and passenger jets. THey were vociferous in their objections to the International airport...probably because it would have meant the Oly airport would have to go.

How astonished the clueless Port was when hundreds of us showed up in their chamber to say not just no but heck no. They were angry. How DARE we object? We are merely the people paying their salaries. One of them said, we're mandated by legislation to make money. So CHANGE THE LEGISLATION.

This most recent attempt to expand the airport is merely the Port throwing an ugly baby into the Mayor's lap...and she's perfectly happy to kneel and kiss the Port's rings.

The airport must not be expanded. The tree must be saved. Tumwater has already demonstrated it has no problems moving roads...look at allllllll the roundabouts in Tumwater (Tumwater should be renamed Roundabout), and yet the Mayor can't figure out how to move Hwy 99 two hundred feet to the east? No, this is merely the Mayor in bed with the Port. What offends me most is how they think we don't see this for what it is-a blatant attempt at ramming home airport expansion for Big Business. Don't think Amazon built that huge warehouse on 93rd just on account of because. THey were planning to use it as their own own airport, paid for by us taxpayers.

Yeah, tehre are people calling those of us 'tree huggers'.. so what. One poster even used a swear word...pretty normal behaviour for knuckledragging morons who can't see the big picture.

From: Is it too late to save the Davis-Meeker oak tree?

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