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The author is leaving out the findings of a thorough analysis conducted by a team of arborists:

"there are structural concerns associated with the significant decay found in the stem base, lower main stem, east facing co-dominant stem and large scaffold branches. Probable future failures include large diameter scaffold branches from the east facing co-dominant stem and the entire west facing co-dominant stem at the union. The associated inclusions and stress loads will contribute to future failures. Structural support systems in conjunction with pruning were considered but the extent of decay in the main stem and upper east side of the canopy removes that as a mitigation option."

In other words, the structure of the tree is compromised. And it's in a spot that puts people at risk.

Removing a tree for the sake of public safety is an administrative decision. That's how it works, folks! I personally would hate to see a public hearing for every safety issue. For example, if a bridge was in danger of collapsing, I'd rather see a quick decision to close off the bridge rather than bog things down in a public process - and put lives at risk.

It will be so sad to see this tree go, and heartwarming to read the comments of those who love the tree. I truly hope we can work together to remember the tree.

From: Is it too late to save the Davis-Meeker oak tree?

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