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Abundant thank you's to you Jill!

In part, and probably because of your brilliantly written article, a series of events took place that brought a group of us together to meet at the Davis Meeker Garry Oak Tree today, Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 4:00 pm, for a rally and celebration. We met new friends, we talked about the surrounding area, we talked about the surrounding politics, we shared our thankfulness for the Temporary Restraining Order that is more clearly defined in another article, we had our pictures taken, we listened, we smiled and sometimes waved at the honking vehicles that drove past and echoed our sentiments, we appreciated the media that we were able to meet, and some of us either ate cookies or fresh baked bread that made us feel at home. We had a lovely garden tree party in some respects. I will leave my comment to you at this point, at peace and without the visceral political emotion that begins about 1 foot to over 200 feet from the tree. Because, with warehouses, possible cargo airplanes and military nearby the airport - there may be semi-trucks, large cargo trucks, and/or military transport vehicles and military birds being planned into our Tumwater lives without our review and/or permission. Tumwater needs to save the tree! Thank you Jill!

From: Is it too late to save the Davis-Meeker oak tree?

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