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For a journal seeking balanced reporting, this article was disappointing. "Anarchist" squatters - you labeled them because of some graffitti in their house. Did you interview them? What's the other side of the story? Why were they occupying the house - did they have any reason to share? Did they call themselves Anarchists? And while you're at it, did you interview other Anarchists to see if they agree with that strategy. Maybe the squatters weren't Anarchists - maybe they are just goofy young people who like making trouble and don't want to pay rent? Or maybe they had a sound political reason for their action. An even-handed article would have told us so much more.

While I'm at it, do you own a property that you rent? If so, perhaps you should declare your interest in an article like this. It certainly seems like you took the side of the property owner. Personally, I disagree with the actions of the squatters, but ... what's the "rest of the story"?

From: Anarchist squatters removed from eastside house

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