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Marty Kenny may be right that the clearcut of the 20 acres will proceed and we'll lose that habit. BUT, and this is a big but, if you want to avoid arm wresting, protesting, and feeling sad about all the clearcuts in the future, show up the DNR building TOMORROW at 8:30 for a protest outside and then provide comments at the meeting there. Meeting starts at 9:00, comment period starts at 10:10 (at least according to agenda).

As I understand it, DNR is revisiting their guidelines on how they make decisions about logging versus protection for the first time since 2011 so it may set the stage for what happens over the coming decade. DNR/BNR is holding a meeting tomorrow at 9:00 where 2-minute comments will be accepted on-site and through Zoom. You can make comments only if you register for the meeting today. Some pretty succinct background and grounds for pushing for greater protection is at***ent/d/11CeabQBb6rXC7sPM1FQuuq_MiD-tyu7jsabiwrPAC0s/edit. I've alway been a fan of influencing codes and standards (as tedious, long, and frustrating a process as that can be) so you don't have to arm wrestle over one parcel at a time. I had other plans for tomorrow, but how often do you have the opportunity to change the future of our community for the next decade?

From: Surprise logging operation in west Olympia has galvanized neighbors

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