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I am a daily bike commuter (14 miles round-trip, four days a week, up and down Harrison Avenue and State Avenue from the Safeway on the Westside to Tanglewilde Lumber on the Eastside) and I rarely feel safe on the streets. Beyond just the usual drunk and high drivers making me feel unsafe, I have had people in cars seem to target me with their vehicles while I'm riding. I've had people speed past me, slam on the brakes, and get out of their cars to harangue me for 'taking too much road.' I know several people who would prefer a bike ride in the morning (burns fat instead of money) instead of a car commute, but won't risk injury and death for it. For the folks who love their cars, and don't care about the environment or their own health... would you like a stent with those knee replacements? They'll give you a great deal - just another mortgage to pay the insurance adjusters!

From: Olympia transport group proposes enhanced bike lanes on streets

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