Agitated driver repeatedly rams his sedan into a pickup truck, police say

Slow chase through Tumwater gathers several witnesses

This video combines the June 3, 2021 recorded audio interview of Warren McNeely with Tumwater police video allegedly showing Corey Chamberlain as they arrived at the scene that day and in the patrol vehicle.
Courtesy of Tumwater Police Department

A man who allegedly rammed his car into a larger truck several times on the roadway was later found by police outside of his vehicle, having an alleged mental health issue last Thu., June 3.

At about 5 p.m. that day Cory Chamberlain, 38, of Lacey, allegedly sat at the intersection of Capitol Blvd S and Carlyon St SE for several light cycles without moving. Behind him was a dark SUV and the white truck of Warren McNeely.

The dark SUV honked several times and then went around Chamberlain’s black 2020 Volkswagen Jetta, which returned a blaring honking noise for several seconds while the SUV went around him.

McNeely’s truck pulled up in the spot behind Chamberlain’s Jetta, which continued to stay parked at the green light of the intersection, so McNeely started honking his horn as well.

Chamberlain allegedly put his Jetta in reverse, backing up and striking McNeely’s truck several times. McNeely told police that he pulled around Chamberlain’s car and looked for a place to pull over and stop. Chamberlain followed him through several streets, tailgating him, “bumping” his truck from behind several times through two intersections. When McNeely stopped his truck at a stop sign, Chamberlain rammed his car into the back of McNeely’s truck one more time.

Tumwater Police arrived at the scene on M St. in Tumwater. Chamberlain was out of his car, “verbally hostile” and “agitated” while sweating profusely. Chamberlain told officers that he was “pleading the fifth” and that he was “afraid of the police.”

Chamberlain claimed that McNeely’s truck had rear-ended him and that TPD needed to “go arrest” McNeely.

Witnesses corroborated McNeely’s version of events. Multiple callers to 911 dispatch reported Chamberlain’s black Jetta chasing McNeely’s white truck along M St SE in Tumwater

Chamberlain was arrested and transported to the Nisqually jail for reckless driving. TPD contacted Chamberlain’s mother, who said Chamberlain was bipolar and manic.


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