Capital High basketball games: Parents or guardians required


Capital High School announced the elimination of the students-only section in the gym during the remaining few home basketball games for the 2021 season last Tuesday.

The decision to discontinue the student section stems from the Tuesday, May 25 home boys' basketball home loss against Yelm, 62-37.

CHS students were not following the rules for face coverings and/or physical distancing. And some students were being unsportsmanlike by shouting at game officials, Yelm students, Yelm fans and Yelm basketball players. When redirected by Capital staff, Capital students continued to be disrespectful, according to Olympia School District Executive Director of Communications and Community Relations Susan Gifford.

“Our district encourages students and fans to cheer for their team at contests and refrain from showing unsportsmanlike behavior toward opposing teams,” Gifford wrote in an email to The JOLT.

Gifford also noted that a May 26 tweet from the CHS basketball program was clarified later by the school’s principal, who stated that CHS students do have the option of attending the remaining home basketball games when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Next fall, as has been done in past years, CHS plans to participate in a “sportsmanship summit” open to all of the student leaderships in the South Sound Conference.


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  • AJoytoknow

    Nearly 30 years ago my partner was a basketball jock in highschool. He told me Capital HS was the same way back then and it wasn't a new thing even then. Capital HS jocks just suck I guess. Or their parents suck? Or the school? Probably a bit of all 3. Spoiled children not understanding how to be decent people because parents and school have not taught them how to behave. When I was young I wasn't a jock, but Capital HS was the school we all knew was more likely than not to produce privileged jerks. I blame them, by HS you should have a basic understanding of being kind and respectful to others, even if your parents are a-holes. Sad. Shame on those poor sports. I think all future games should be cancelled. Try again next year and if you are a bunch of spoiled punks next year. ...cancel all games again. Instead a little slap on the hand that will most likely teach those poor sports nothing.

    Monday, May 31, 2021 Report this

  • DStusser

    Thank you for commenting on this brief story.

    Monday, May 31, 2021 Report this