This year’s criminal cases in Tumwater estimated to get to 20% more cases than last year


Tumwater is on pace to generate around 20% more criminal cases compared to 2022, according to the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Christy Peters, Chief of Staff at the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, gave this statement during an update to the Tumwater Public Health and Safety Committee on Tuesday, September 12.

The Prosecuting Attorney's Office received 274 criminal cases from January to June this year, 59 of which were classified as domestic violence.

Compared to the full year of 2022, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office received 480 criminal cases, with 139 cases being domestic violence.

“We're on pace to receive about 550 cases,” Peters said. “Although [the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office] typically will have sometimes more cases in the second half of the year… So, if I were making a good estimate, I'd say we're probably going to look at like 600 cases for 2023.”

Peters also noted that the recognized pre-pandemic baseline for the entire county and the state is for two-thirds of criminal cases to result in charges.

From January to June this year, only 50% of total criminal cases and 56% of domestic violence cases led to charges.

In 2022, 57% of criminal cases resulted in charges, with only 37% of domestic violence cases being charged.


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