Tumwater man arrested after allegedly breaking ex-wife’s windshield


 A transient Tumwater man was arrested after he allegedly broke the windshield of his ex-wife’s car, and a search by police later yielded glass pipes and suspected methamphetamine.

Tumwater police arrested the suspect, 34, last Tue., Nov. 16, after his ex-wife reported that he punched and damaged the windshield of her vehicle.

According to the woman, her ex-husband had an unreported history of physically abusing her and damaging her property. She also said a Tumwater trespass letter was issued against him after she found a glass pipe with white residue among his things.

The ex-wife told police that the suspect, whom she believed was homeless, was inside her car on the day of the incident because he needed to warm up after being out in the cold for days.

Later in the day, the ex-wife continued, she told the suspect to leave because their two children were on the way home from school, but he refused to go until she handed him some personal belongings that he had left at her house.

The woman then drove her ex-husband somewhere to drop him off, according to the police report, but the suspect grew “more agitated” about being told to leave and insisted that he was missing some of his personal items.

The ex-wife said the two of them later returned to her house because the suspect refused to exit the vehicle over the supposedly missing belongings.

The woman said her ex-husband became “irrational” and accusatory over a battery that he claimed he could not find, then began throwing items around while they were inside her car.

The ex-wife said that after exiting her vehicle to enter her house, she heard a boom and came back outside to find her windshield fractured.

The woman said the suspect admitted to striking the windshield using his fist and his phone out of anger.

The ex-wife said she then called 911 from inside her house to report the incident but realized that she could not hear the call receiver because her phone was still connected via Bluetooth to her car, where the suspect was.

The suspect allegedly barged into his ex-wife’s home, cursing and yelling at her for calling 911, according to the police report.

Police noted that the woman was “weeping,” “visibly shaking,” and had “bloodshot” eyes when they arrived.

The suspect, meanwhile, told police that he accidentally cracked the windshield of his ex-wife’s car after his phone flew out of his hand.

Police found two glass pipes with burnt residue and around 9.5 grams of suspected methamphetamine after searching the suspect, who told authorities that he had not used drugs that day.

The suspect was booked at the Thurston County Jail for second-degree malicious mischief and an unrelated felony warrant.


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