Update of Olympia parking using PaybyPhone app or usual methods

Olympia’s downtown parking undergoing change


Olympia is shifting its parking meters to provide more payment options to motorists parking downtown.

The city provided an instructional video on the new kiosks that have been installed in the downtown area in late June this year, announcing that 11 new kiosks have replaced about half of the current meter locations in the area.

Kiosks will be located on the block and along the same side of the parking spaces’ street and will require drivers to enter their license plate numbers on the new machines, which can also provide printed receipts.

Vehicle owners can pay for their parking with cash, credit card, or with the PaybyPhone app the city is promoting, which the city affirms is “their most popular option.”

“For those who already use the City’s PayByPhone app rather than meters – approximately half of the customers who currently park on streets downtown - there is almost no change,” the city said in a statement. “In August, these customers will use signs posted mid-block in some areas to record their location and pay for parking instead of the space-specific locations signed on each meter.”

“The City’s older meters, those served by 2G and 3G networks, will soon no longer be supported,” the city announced.”


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