Utility pole stops 19-year-old driver accused of being high on cannabis


A 19-year-old was cited for driving under the influence after allegedly crashing into a Puget Sound Energy power pole on Tue., May 18 at 5:15 a.m.

Olympia Police arrived to find a white Ford C-Max crashed into a power pole at the intersection of Division St NW and Walnut Rd NW, off the roadway into the brush.

The driver of the vehicle, Jordain Kelley, 19, of Lacey, was unable to keep her balance, using the vehicle the prevent her from falling, when contacted by officers. In the police report, Kelley’s speech was slurred, her eyes watery.

When asked by the officer what happened, Kelley said that “I saw an animal and I went woo” and then put her hands in the air imitating holding a steering wheel and then imitated making a sharp turn with the imaginary wheel. “I don’t know, I just love animals.”

When asked by the officer if she had smoked marijuana, Kelley said, “I have in the past, but not right now.” The police report states that the officer could smell the odor of burnt marijuana on Kelley’s clothes and inside the vehicle.

Kelley failed the field sobriety tests but did register a 0.00 on the breathalyzer. She was taken to Capital Medical Center where officers waited for a search warrant that would entitle the police to order a blood draw. Two vials of Kelley’s blood were drawn for testing for cannabis components.

The passenger of Kelley’s vehicle, Nikolas Gavrilov, 20, told officers that he was sleeping in the passenger seat when the collision occurred and was unaware why the vehicle hit the pole. While talking to Gavrilov, the officer could smell the odor of burnt marijuana. When asked if Gavrilov had anything to drink, he told the officer “no, just smoked some weed.”

Gavrilov told officers that he felt “too high to drive.”

Kelley was arrested for driving under the influence and booked into the Olympia Jail.


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