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This is the type of thing that Cheryl Heywood is defending.

The book 'Jack of Hearts (and other parts)' is on the shelves of the Timberland Regional Library. Here's its description in the catalog:

"New York. Rumors have always swirled about Jack's unapologetically ***** *** life. Jack has a lot of ***-- and he's not ashamed of it. While he's sometimes ostracized, and gossip constantly rages about his *** life, Jack always believes that 'it coul [sic]"

And here's an excerpt from it.

"I'd sucked my share of d**ks and had gotten plenty of b***j*bs, every kind of job, but only the b****** I'd had was with this junior who was in love with my c**k and he'd just hopped aboard."

I need write nothing more.

From: No ‘prejudicial labeling’ of books coming from Timberland Regional Library

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