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Three plants play starring roles in the holiday season: poinsettias, amaryllis, and the multiple species of evergreens that become Christmas trees. There are, of course, other plants that play … more
The shopping season is upon us, one of my favorite times of the year, for several reasons. One of my favorite pastimes is people-watching, and one of my favorite places to do this is in our local … more
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have plans to be around either family, friends, or both on Thursday. Growing up, my family was insistent that no one should be alone this holiday, so we often had … more
Dear Lexis, I recently started dating someone again. After my last relationship, it became painfully obvious that I needed to take some time and work on myself. I thought that I worked through … more
Marijuana is not the only weed it’s illegal* to grow in Washington. You can also be busted for growing “noxious weeds,” which is farmer-speak for harmful invasive … more
Last weekend a friend and I went for an afternoon walk at the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. It was a beautiful day, clear and relatively warm for November. The parking lot was … more
Infections are all over the news and infecting a lot of people. This is the first in a series I hope will distill a complex field into practical, understandable sound bites. I intend to make this … more
Everyone is getting older in my house. My oldest daughter will be 60 in a couple of months. All four of my children are in their 50s, and I even have a grandchild in her forties. I no longer have … more
This time of year, not surprisingly, there are reminders of the importance of family everywhere; even pet food commercials remind you not to forget your furry friend this time of year (we already … more
Dear Lexis, What’s one thing that you wish you learned earlier? Thanks, Growing in Olympia Dear Growing, For me, the answer is definitely the power of consistency and … more
The Falcons, of the Genus Falco, are raptors - birds of prey. There are 40 species worldwide. They are exceptionally fast flyers, able to catch their prey on the wing. And these wings are long and … more
This time around, the elections brought back a flood of memories of a time I hoped would not be repeated in my lifetime. Unfortunately, this was not to be. Like the lyrics above, from a popular … more
Most people are aware that the last quarter of the year is the most profitable time for retailers. However, most are unaware that the last quarter of the year, especially December, is the busiest … more
Dear Lexis, What do you think is the top thing that holds people back? Thanks, Curious in Lacey Dear Curious, The number one thing that holds people back is the belief in lack. Lack is … more
It’s cold and wet, the sky is dark, and I’m in no mood to even think about gardening. We went from endless sunlit summer to sudden chill and gloom, and the forecast for next week … more
Ducks are found worldwide, and because they are excellent flyers, they often migrate long distances between their summer breeding territories and wintering grounds. During the winter, we in southern … more
A couple weeks ago I found myself parked next to Lacey Shoe, a business I had given up trying to find. I decided to ask if they could fix the favorite aging boots I was wearing that day. Upon … more
What good is sitting all alone in your room? Come hear the music … more
Welcome to November! Someone said this morning that the end of Halloween ushers the start of the holiday season. I agree with that, but it also ushers in the busiest season for our nonprofit … more
This was the last week the sunset after 6 P.M. and the first week of genuine, normal rain. We have rediscovered the sweaters in our dressers, the fleece in our closets, and the slugs in our … more
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