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My smartphone, knowing I am interested in birds, alerted me to a new book about flycatchers, Field Guide to North American Flycatchers, and now I own a copy. Flycatchers are common in Thurston … more
The subject of names came up the other while talking to the great grands. They were telling me the names of their friends at school and I remarked how most of them were different from the names my … more
Last week everyone was treated to a fantastic column by Trish as she told us about the great time she had at the Tumwater Dog Days event. This week Thom will share with you. Since I was not … more
I am inspired to write this informational column on Long COVID following the NASEM (National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine) issuing its new definition of this condition on June 11: … more
With the warm weather upon us, on some days, we have fired up the grill to enjoy simple, grilled meat dinners. I often prepare basic salads and light side dishes to accompany grilled steak, fish or … more
A gardener I met in a buffet line had a lot to say about rock gardens and plant collecting. Before we got to the main dish, after which we would part ways, he leaned forward a little and said … more
Father’s Day will be celebrated this weekend across our nation. Special meals, gatherings, and outings will be planned and prepared for dad, and gifts and cards purchased and wrapped. Lawn work … more
  This week’s column is dedicated to the event Trish attended Saturday at Pioneer Park Dog Days sponsored and put on by City of Tumwater Parks and Recreation and Twin Star Credit … more
“How many people remember where they were 80 years ago like it was yesterday?  I do. I was on the deck of the USS Marblehead in Belfast Harbor! Our ship, one of 40 ships of several navies, … more
I just returned from seeing friends and family in Memphis and Jackson, Tennessee, St. Louis, Chicago, and Atlanta. Dear friends in Atlanta took me to a Mexican restaurant that offered a delicious … more
June announced its arrival with a couple of windy, rainy, flower-smashing storms. Big fat peony blossoms, weighted down with water, bowed to the ground. A clump of blooming Jupiter’s Beard was … more
When thinking about the miracle of birds, the first thing that comes to mind is flight. We earthbound humans are often a little jealous of avian flight – they do it so easily, and we have to … more
Every month of the year seems to have a theme and for June it is Elder Abuse Awareness. June 15 is World Elder Abuse Day but the whole month offers the opportunity to learn more about this sad … more
Every year, 6.5 million dogs, cats, and other former pets are abandoned or lost and enter shelters. But of all these animals, only 3.2 million are adopted and many see shelters again after less than … more
We live in an age of information overload. Distinguishing what is credible and what isn’t is no easy task. When it comes to health, finding reputable information is crucial because the … more
“It’s the day of a million smiles,” Karen Schoessel announced on May 29, 2024, with a big smile of her own. She seemed to be everywhere at once, overseeing an ocean of military, … more
Recently there was an article in the Washington Post about multiple American Flamingoes returning to Florida and reestablishing possible breeding populations. These birds were present in big numbers … more
A perennial flower border can be a beautiful sight or a source of frustration. Most of the time, it’s some of each. Photographers for garden books, websites and magazines show us gorgeous … more
It almost seems impossible, but I feel there is more negativity than usual lately, everywhere I look. The news, both print, online, and broadcast is filled with either misleading or snarky … more
Ours is a pet-active region!  Past: Ratapalooza Ratapalooza was held on Saturday, May 18 at the Thurston County Fairgrounds. We attended and were overwhelmed by the turnout of so many … more
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