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Writing a column is a lonely profession. Whether you do it at home or in an office setting, ultimately you are alone, listening to the little voice inside your head, and staring at a blank computer … more
In my last column, we discussed how mental and physical health are inextricably linked, as there is extensive scientific research on how negative emotions impact the body.    Returning … more
I know the last couple of days have not felt too much like summer, but remember it can always be worse! Have you seen the map of the high temperatures across the country? I recall the first summer we … more
Since Pixar’s first film in the 1990s, when they introduced us to another mean storytelling style through Toy Story, the company engaged the audience with its unique storytelling. Up until … more
Dear Lexis, How do you know when you should quit a project vs when to stick it out? Thanks, Wondering in Lacey Dear Wondering, That is a tricky one, but generally speaking, I would recommend that you … more
It’s a race against time, a race that a young man has run relentlessly for seven years. He continually seeks out, thanks, and conducts video interviews, oral histories, with World War II combat … more
A couple of weeks ago, George Walter and I teamed up on a column about the damage slugs do in gardens , and their value as food for birds. We quickly discovered that slugs are a hot topic that … more
Thanks to the cartoon character Woody Woodpecker, the woodpecker family of birds is well-known, at least superficially. They make their living primarily by harvesting insects and other invertebrates … more
I firmly believe in lifelong learning. But I must confess when Danny Stusser asked me to go to a Death Café to get material for my column, I was dumbstruck. What on earth is a … more
Dear Lexis,   How do you know if you’re in a healthy relationship?   Thanks,   Wondering in Tumwater Dear Wondering, I’m assuming that you’re … more
Editors note: Jill is under the weather today, so we're republishing a previous article to enjoy. this article was originally published under the title "The impatient gardener" July 8, 2022.  … more
Sure, we often hear or read public announcements that blood or plasma is needed, but here’s a story from our own Bloodworks Northwest with a REAL LIFE example of why our donations are extremely … more
Vireos are relatively common songbirds in Thurston County in the summer. There are 15 vireo species in North America, of which we have four. Only one of them is here year-round. Vireos are smallish … more
I had a very eye-opening day last week. The day began with a joint birthday party for my five-year-old great grand-daughter, Prairie, and her two-year-old brother Willow. The party was held at … more
This week I would like to share one of my favorite health topics, the fine line that separates (if there is a separation) mental and physical health. When practicing general internal medicine, I … more
Spring and summer are when Serve Washington, with AmeriCorps, steps up recruitment for people to serve as AmeriCorps members in the upcoming service year. Most AmeriCorps programs begin in the fall. … more
“I am living in a nightmare. And I just have to keep working on it. It’s gonna take a long time. It used to be nice and it will be nice again.” Joy [not her real name] was talking … more
Dear Lexis, As someone who reads your column, I’m curious what you consider your greatest challenge in life, and why you think it’s important to work on that fault. Thanks, … more
This week we are combining two columns to address how gardeners might address one of the many pests their gardens face, slugs and snails, and how the choices gardeners make might impact our avian … more
I had to be out and about quite a bit last week, so my daughter Nikki and I took the opportunity to revisit some of our favorite places for our lunches. There are many places in our communities … more
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