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The future of healthcare was the topic for the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Forum luncheon. But you don’t have to take my word for it: You can watch the entire meeting on … more
Spring is finally here! (It started yesterday.) In addition to enjoying the outdoors, around this time, folks think about spring cleaning. I freely admit that we have a few closets in desperate … more
Dear Lexis, Whenever we fight my wife often asks, “would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?” It’s effective at getting me to shut up, but I’m not sure I … more
As the Superintendents of Thurston County school districts, we feel compelled to comment on the bills under consideration this legislative session for Special Education Funding. In 2018, the … more
I am the youngest of three children. . . my sister is 80 and lost her husband last year, my brother is 76 and I am 70.  Recently, my sister is having many mobility issues.  She has been in … more
Over dinner, a friend lamented that she usually has seeds in the ground by this time in March. She was worried about being late this year. I haven’t planted a single seed yet either, but I … more
Did you know that the Vietnam Veterans Day is at the end of this month, March 29th? Looking forward to that day, let me introduce you to Navy Lt. Ronald Jon Frederick. Frederick is a Vietnam … more
Birthdays are interesting events. We spend the first part of our lifetime saying I’m almost…and the later part I’m only… Either way, they deserve to be a celebration of … more
March is not really the best bird-watching month locally. Breeding activities and migrant arrivals are sparse, and it’s often rainy. But one of my favorite Thurston County March birds, the … more
The calendar and the flowers in my yard may be announcing that Spring is near, but you and I both know that there will still be plenty of soup days before storing our soup tureen for the summer. I … more
On my daily walks through my West Olympia neighborhood, I encounter the homeless situated among us, part of the neighborhood, but yet apart from it. They come and they go. I decided to record some of … more
Dear Lexis, Every time I state my opinion, people practically yell at me saying that I’m wrong. I don’t really like feeling belittled, but I’m not sure what I can do about it. Do … more
Calico Lane, a memoir by Olympia author Judy Kiehart, takes you to a mid-century northern Pennsylvania township full of self-sustaining, depression-era immigrants sharing the Russian Orthodox faith. … more
Early March is maddening. After living through winter, when the calendar page turns to March we feel we deserve an end to cold, snow, hail and dismal skies. We want warmth – warm air, warm … more
Just the other day, six men assembled at a house in Tumwater with their hammers, drills, saws, a bunch of nails, and several feet of lumber boards. They built a wheelchair ramp, as per Americans … more
Yesterday my cats woke me up just as the day was dawning, and I clearly heard Song Sparrows and Pacific Wrens singing. They know that Spring and the breeding season will soon begin. And the first of … more
Yesterday was a good day for Legacy Forests in Capitol Forest. In response to a letter from all three Thurston County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC), requesting that a parcel of land known as … more
Amy Ginsburg is a Certified International Federation (ICF) Life Coach specializing in Career and Retirement. She partners with individuals and corporate clients across the globe to actualize their … more
A few weeks ago, it was ‘front page’ news that former President Jimmy Carter, 98, announced that he wishes to stay at home with his family and the support of hospice. This was his choice … more
March is all about the ladies. The entire month is Women’s History Month, and tomorrow, March 8, is International Women’s Day. As someone who attended an all-girls school for both grade … more
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