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Back in the day, some farmers used to test their soil by tasting it. If it was sour, it was too acidic; to sweeten it, they added ground limestone or wood ashes. These days, the Thurston … more
Michael Campbell of Lakewood recently made headlines by shooting a catalytic converter thief twice, dragging him behind a pickup truck, and leaving his body in a field 20 miles north of here. This story is more than sensationally gruesome, it is sad and wrong: more
 Here are five actual examples of elder abuse that I have personally witnessed.  Senior # 1 – Non-ambulatory/bedridden senior. Has a caregiver during the day. Her daughter stays with her at night. However, her daytime caregiver sleeps on the couch all day because she works all night. more
We were driving around this past weekend and were totally surprised by the number of cars and trucks with either a headlight, parking light, brake light or any number of lights burned out. We saw … more
What’s new in the world of homeless camps? The county commission took action on Tuesday, June 8 on a couple of significant items that continue the efforts to manage the … more
Letter to the Editor I've been reading your JOLT News. And I read at the bottom you have some sort of, I guess you'd call it, a mission statement that says that you will … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been trying to start a business for years but, whenever I think about working on it, I find myself exhausted and depressed. I know I should work, I know I should try to … more
Some garden promoters claim that growing perennials (they mean flowering plants that come back year after year) is an easy, low-maintenance alternative to planting annuals.  As former President George W. Bush might say, they misunderestimate what perennials require. more
Unless you live under a rock you are probably aware and may take part in the celebration of Pride Month each June. But did you know that June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Month?  In … more
Dear Lexis, My husband has ADHD and has serious issues accomplishing tasks. Instead he assigns tasks to me to accomplish between my jobs. It has been extremely disheartening to constantly have … more
We are entering the season when gardening and cooking get married. Already the world’s best salads are at hand. Now, before the tender lettuce plants bolt and go to seed, is also the time when … more
Evergreen. TESC. I grew up running on your fields, scoring in your hoops, lifting your weights, enjoying your Super Saturdays, and cavorting with your faculty’s kids.  I saw Nirvana, … more
        I recently spoke with Linda Terry, the Founder and Director of STEP, (Sharing Time with Elders Project) and the first thing that struck me was the joy in her … more
When I started trying to learn about the homeless camps I was under the impression that little was being done.  My thoughts would be along the lines of “what the hell is going on, why … more
Dear JOLT Readers, I know it’s been a tough year for a lot of us and that we’re all trying to find a way forward from here. Who knows what the new normal will … more
Hello City of Olympia, Land Use and Environment Committee Members;  Being involved with the Community Neighborhood Association, (CNA), I am concerned with the City of Olympia pushing the … more
I am perennially perplexed about my lawn. The more I read about lawn, the more I have thought that getting rid of it might be the environmentally responsible thing to do. But I like it a lot, … more
For many Americans Memorial Day is a three-day weekend with family gatherings, bar-b-ques and camping trips to local lakes and oceans. For many seniors it is a time to remember… Thoughts … more
Hello. We are the NT Fairness Alliance. We are parents, teachers, and community members within North Thurston Public  Schools. 10 days ago we launched a petition, requesting the NTPS Board … more
As many say lately, it's been a year.  In the case of The JOLT, it's been our first year.  What have we learned?  People around here care about trees, crime, whom to … more
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