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Introduction – In 2023, Liam Hutcheson located and documented 378 bird species in Washington, a new state record. I enjoyed hearing Liam tell the stories of his Big Year and I asked him to … more
Happy Leap Year!  And to all the Leap Year Babies, Happy Birthday! Since it only happens every four years, I hope you are doing something epic this year to celebrate. What does … more
As winter drags on in the PNW and your medical columnist returns from vacation, I decided to make this week’s health topic just that. I love vacations and as it turns out, they are good for our … more
Many people enjoy sandwiches from time to time. My family especially likes a favorite called Croque Monsieur. It is versatile, warm, filling, and may be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or weekend … more
No two springs are exactly alike. And each spring, every gardener is one year older, so we’re never exactly alike either.   The more years of gardening behind us, the bigger the … more
Check the calendar. It is 1/3 rd of the way from the winter solstice to the summer solstice, and the birds have noticed. They’re beginning the spring migration. Migration time for many … more
I have been talking to my friends and family about the younger generation recently and we all agreed we don’t have a clue what is going on. Teenagers and even younger kids, car-jacking Kias and … more
Olympia's city manager told the city council finance committee at a meeting on February 14 that " property taxes are not keeping up with inflation ." That has not been my experience, … more
A quest to establish cordial relations with insects and bugs led me to “Insects and Gardens: In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology,” by Eric Grissell. “Insects, at an estimated weight … more
Some years ago, I stopped at the store on my way home from work to pick up a few items, including a light bulb. When I got home and was putting things away, I realized there was no light bulb. I … more
February has arrived! Bulbs are sending up green shoots and days are getting longer and sunnier, a foreshadowing of Spring. February is also the month for Valentine’s Day.  To honor this … more
A few weeks ago, a big question arose: Why do people garden ? Since then, we’ve examined why people grow vegetables and why (and how) we grow trees . Today, it’s time to consider why … more
In recent years, Thurston County has witnessed a concerning trend - a steady erosion of transparency within its government. One significant move was the proposal to expand the board of commissioners … more
Spring is coming! Despite the recent cold and rainy weather, we are only four more Wednesdays until the Spring Equinox, at which time we are encouraged to dance in the moonlight around a roaring … more
Some days, it’s hard to think of anything nice to say about February. There are things you’re expected to say, like “Crocuses are up!” or “Spring is coming!” But … more
Birders love owls, those mysterious creatures that haunt the night. Unfortunately, one of these owls, the Barred Owl, is rapidly expanding its range at the expense of another, the Endangered Northern … more
Ego is a funny thing… Apparently, I am a member of “The Silent Generation,” those born between 1928-1945. This was a crushing discovery since I automatically and wrongly assumed I … more
Broken is: ACCESS – to primary care for one EMERGENCY CARE – long waits, delayed care, lack of beds causing unnecessary suffering or worse INSURANCE - access and cost... more
Soup is a welcome meal during these chilly, wet days. One favorite is Hungarian Mushroom soup that is warm, comforting, flavorful and satisfying. The Northwest is blessed with abundant mushrooms. I … more
Today I was privileged to interview seven unsheltered individuals who live in Olympia. It was part of the annual, federally mandated PIT Count – Point in Time census – organized here by … more
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