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This morning, the cats woke me at 6:30 a.m., and as I stumbled around in semi-darkness, I heard a joyous song coming through the open window. It was an American Robin greeting the coming dawn. This … more
I know spring has returned because the baby squirrels have arrived at the bird feeder outside my window. Our local communities are awake and filing up with activities – let’s begin with … more
This month’s Chamber Forum on Mental Health was sad, informative and hopeful.  I will share highlights of the 3 presentations, including some important ‘FYIs’ and ‘What … more
Don Trosper is retired, but he doesn’t know it! He works hard at his hobby, but I guess that it’s not really working, as he loves it. Don Trosper is a well-known personality in the local … more
Doves and pigeons are birds that, for the most part, can be found out in the open and sitting on wires. And they are good-sized – no squinting at tiny songbirds this week... more
According to The World Health Organization (WHO), "Age is one of the first things we notice about other people. However, age is often used to categorize and divide people in ways that lead to harm, disadvantage and injustice and erode solidarity across generations." more
We are blessed with an abundance many varieties of apples here in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, there are three apple trees in my backyard, and they produce lots of fruit every year. … more
Finally, a spell of good weather will send both new and old gardeners into rapture. When the spring sun comes out, the sap doesn’t just rise in the trees. It feels as if every living thing in … more
For a dedicated birder, March in Washington is, on the surface, a relatively quiet month. It's a bridge between winter specialties and spring migration. But if you look carefully, you will see that things are really starting to happen in the bird world! Many of the earliest migrants, such as Violet-green, Tree, and Barn swallows, will show themselves... more
My family and I moved here about five and a half years ago from California. We fell in love with the place that became our home at first sight. In addition to two homes on three acres, the former … more
In this past year writing about the healthcare system, I came to realize that most of us feel depressed and powerless. Pawns in a system rather than patients, wondering if it will ever get better. We … more
As a YCS parent I am urging our community to vote YES for kids in the upcoming levy. Our students are finally recovering from the years of pandemic sacrifices: they’re regaining skills, … more
Do you like trees? Then you should be a big fan of infill housing. That means building up, not out, and putting houses where we’ve already cut down all the trees. But Thurston County could … more
St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner (it’s officially next Sunday, March 17, this year). Although I am not of Irish ancestry, my name, Shannon, is very Irish. That makes me … more
... cat v. bird research published in 2013 estimated that cats kill between 1.3 and 4.0 billion birds in North America each year. more
Several weeks ago, I received a few photographs sent by reader John Hutchings. John noticed that a single bird was spending its night in the roof vents of his house, choosing a different vent each … more
March is National Women of History Month. In 1980 President Jimmy Carter was successfully lobbied by a coalition of women’s group to issue a proclamation recognizing National Women’s … more
I received my Mail-In Ballot a few days ago, probably you did as well. Basically, I was not concerned about the process until lately. There has been much alarm raised over the process of … more
This chili recipe is healthy, easy and delicious. My daughter tells me she can’t eat chili unless I made it.  With the changing weather, this warm comfort food is perfect on raw, windy … more
In an alley one block north of Bigelow Park in NE Olympia, the biggest and likely oldest Madrona tree in Thurston County is in declining health, but still breathtakingly beautiful. Its location … more
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