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I used to work for Rick. I have never met a kinder, more compassionate person in my life. Working for him was always a day with laughter...and learning. His sense of humor and wry take on things always made going to work a thing to look forward to.

After he retired, I had him make a floral arrangement for my spouse, who loves flowers. It came out perfect.

I do remember the harassment inflicted on him by his superiors, people who supposedly had their jobs due to their abilities. They, instead, used it as a platform to target Rick with their hatred for someone who didn't conform to their biased ideology. To people like that, remember what Karma says: "I saw what you did."

I am glad Rick has found his happy place, his niche.

As an addedendum, I used to work in a flower shop. Folks, most of those flowers you buy from a florist come from Columbia, not here in the US. They've been dead a week by the time they get to the US. The boxes they were shipped in also had a lot of bugs in them, and I don't mean tjust tiny little aphids. Ever seen a cockroach the size of your pinkie finger? And those fancy roses you pay a ton of money for? We stripped off 90% of the petals to get that tight little bud. The fact that Rick is growing his own flowers means that they're fresh, locally grown, and most of all, pest free.

Good on you, Rick.

From: Local floral designer's dream comes true

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