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---The marina reports that the Native American history storyboard, not yet complete, is slated for installation next to the lighthouse storyboard. It will be the third storyboard. The first was a flora and fauna storyboard.

---The Dofflemyers of Dofflemyer Lighthouse were Isaac and Susan. They both passed away before 1900. They were granted 316 acres through the 1850 Donation Land Claim Act.

---A tiny peek into life back then: Mrs. D., according to an account by Mary Olney Brown, was prevented, in 1870, from attempting to vote with a group of suffragists in Olympia. Mary wrote, "Three of the number said they would go with me—Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Wiley and Mrs. Dofflemyer; these, with Mr. Patterson, my husband and myself made our party. As we reached the courthouse where the election was held, Mr. Dofflemyer met us and took his wife home, she meekly submitting." History of Woman Suffrage, Volume 3, pg. 785 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan Brownell Anthony, Matilda J. Gage, Dec. 31, 1886 Publisher: Susan B. Anthony.

From: Dofflemyer Point lighthouse history revealed

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