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Clearly NOT Ukraine. These people are TOTALLY responsible for themselves. Yes, some people do get themselves in a bind due to medical issues, cost of living, etc. But that's what the services are for - have you looked at the VA's website - there's no reason for a legitimate military veteran to be homeless, if they want help. MOST people living on the streets in Olympia are there because of the choices THEY made. They could seek shelter IF THEY WANT IT. But they can't do drugs there or drink there or have weapons. They could get medical attention IF THEY WANT IT, but again, there are rules. These people refuse to follow the rules, so they live how they live. It's an artsy photo for sure, it's a great depiction of what WE are allowing in the place that we call home. If we stop supporting their choices, they will have to make other choices. No cash bail for example....out on the streets; crime without punishment - where did they get the umbrella?; drugs running rampant - where are the consequences for that? What about property damage, public nuisance, etc. etc. If there are no consequences, we are inviting more and more people to come here. That's not to mention the freebees we give them to "support" them...that's support alright - it makes their choices even easier. I say THANK YOU for showing us what OUR DECISIONS are allowing. Maybe we will gain the strength to say NO THANK YOU in the next election!

From: No, this photo is not from war-torn Ukraine

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