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I really don't care what Joe Downing thinks. His ploy to exchange his seat for McGregor failed utterly. Good news there. Bob McGregor is 75 years old and can take a back seat to new leadership. I also voted for Bob Iyall and supporting his election. Since then I have been very disappointed in many of his positions and decisions. I don't know if I'll support him again. The voters in our county sought change across the board with the Port of Olympia election and succeeded in that change. I believe that we should have at least two newly elected Commissioners take leadership roles, and that the Chair of the Board should be Commissioner Vasavada.

As policy in the new year I'd like to see the Swantown Marina show real change too. McGregor leads that group and the taxpayers subsidize that home for the wealthy. I've never seen such an entity paid for by taxes rather than supported financially by the yacht owners. They can be required to pay their own way entirely or even show a profit to the Port for a change.

From: Port of Olympia Commission defers election of officers

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