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J.Vasavada will bring Leadership to The Port Commission that has been seriously lacking for a decade or More.

Under the past Commission Leadership? this Port experienced devestating losses due to legal Consequences brought on by Twarting Storm Water treatment guidelines as required by DOE.

Waste Action of Coveington VS Port of Olympia 2018 Tacoma District Court.

Losses amounted to 1.3 Million payed by Thurston County Taxpayers.

This New Commission has Our Precious Enviroment at Heart.

The People of Thurston County have Spoken and Those Past Commissioners have now Finally moved on.

With a New E.Director on the Horizon... badly needed!

This New Commission is exactly what Thurston County and Olympia Needed.

Lets Help our New Commission Succeed in Revitalizing our Ecomony while Protecting Our Enviroment.


From: Port of Olympia Commission defers election of officers

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