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This recommendation is unfortunate. This applicant is actually involved in (apparently) successful housing developments downtown. Why not make this Plum Street area into an attractive housing area. Adding drive throughs is not attractive for those who are walking and cycling.

So, can someone living in these apartments walk up to the 'drive through' window to order food? Or will they not be allowed to walk up to the window because it is a safety hazard to have a person walking in the drive up lane? That would be especially ironic.

I am disappointed that the Commission members think that the only way to get housing is to compromise safety for people who are walking and cycling. That is not a good trade-off in my opinion. And besides, I think the housing can happen without the drive through businesses. Sit-in coffee shops and other shops or businesses would be better for building community. People from the nearby Eastside neighborhood might walk to this area, for example.

From: Olympia Planning Commission recommends allowing Plum Street drive-throughs

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