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Gardner/Brown needs to involve Stakeholders now.

If they are talking about signing The interlocal Agreement (IA) by the end of the year.

Past commissioners, wasted alot of time doing little about the Dredging Issues.

Also, During the period of time,

2016-2020 created alot of Drama circulating around Bad Managment...

This is why THOSE COMMISSIONERS were NOT reelected and A New E.D. is now being sought.

Feels Again that ALOT of time was lost on design options and involving stakeholders in commenting on these options.

These designs do little to mitigate sediments, looking at the presented materials here.

Why not use the areas between 4th Ave. and I-5 for settling basins?

That has been used in the past days.

From: Sediment control planning is the focus of Deschutes Estuary work this year, state tells port

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