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Everytime Dredging occurs here, it releases more pollution into Budd Bay!

It is undisputed evidence.

What we see now is the business sector, ie: Marina owners, the Ports Logging and Brake Bulk Industries Clawing for more reasons to continue doing "Business as usual"

So Allowing reintroduction of pollutants into Budd Bays Ecosystem Continues the Cycle of Destruction found in the Lack of A Healthy Marine Ecosystem.

The Elephant in The Room is the Ports Marine Terminal and its lack of Productive Income.

Operating in the Red for Decades!

Its time to let the Marine Terminal Go.

Sea level rise is already an Issue here.

And it Will Get Worse!

Sediment and the Constant re dredging is Costly and repollutes the ecosystem dreging will not be required near as much.

And the Waterfront can be developed into Housing providing a Very Good Income for the Stakeholders in T.C.

No more Polluting the Bay.

This Port Says it is committed to

Enviromental Stewardship.

I say Horsehocky.

This has been kicked around for years.

Past Commissioers Have Failed Us.

Its time the New Additions to A New Age at the Port take a stand

Close the Marine Terminal.

Union Longshore can Commute to Tacoma.

NO MORE Large Scale Bandages for a Bleeding Out Port Economy.


From: Sediment control planning is the focus of Deschutes Estuary work this year, state tells port

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