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Having witnessed both the removal of a dam on Beatty Creek (a small stream near the Delphi golf course

and the removal of the dam on the Elwha, I can say that sediment will be flushed far faster than you might believe. Beatty Creek, without dredging, was flushed of sediment and brought down tons of gravel once the culvert/dam was removed, and within no more than two weeks, salmon smolts were swimming in it. The Elwha wasn't dredged, it dumped a lot of sediment into the ocean, approximately 175 acres of sand at the mouth of the river, and the river itself is full of native fish like several salmon species, steelhead, etc.

The force of moving water can move sediment and gravel faster, cheaper and with less problems than engineers.

From: Sediment control planning is the focus of Deschutes Estuary work this year, state tells port

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