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For all the increased housing that’s going to be built in the near future & some happening now, I can’t imagine this roundabout being helpful. Traffic at the Martin Way, Dutterow/ Meridian intersection is busy. People are impatient. There’s a lot of traffic already & cars speed up & down that intersection towards the freeway exit at Nisqually. During peak season when traffic is heaviest on the freeway , so are traffic accidents. Last summer there were more logjams of vehicles overflowing from the freeway onto Martin Way & Steilacoom over to Britton Parkway. For the first time since living in this location for decades , our community at Ridgeview Dr. was impassable for over 3 hours on a weekend . We were socked in & couldn’t leave our development by the only 2 exit points. Overflow traffic was funneling through our residential area thinking they’d escape the bumper to bumper scenario playing out on Martin Way E . It tied up all the arteries in & around the eastern part of Hawks Prairie. No one wanted to yield to another car when the line wasn’t advancing. It was bad. I just don’t see how a roundabout will improve what’s already becoming a heavily trafficked area that will only get worse with time.

From: New roundabout planned at Martin Way and Meridian Road

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