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Great Choice Commissioners!

Perhaps with this New and Very Wise Leadership, our Port can truly evaluate its efficiency, and commitment to being True Environmental Stewards.

There is a Heck of alot to do in the Responsibility To The Public Realm.

There are still leftover Bad feelings and mistrust from S.G.

And her henchmen.

Let's Wash her out and welcome a New Future.

What can the Port become to serve The Community's Needs!

How about focusing on How much Weyerhaeuser Costs the people and our Lands.

Raise the Responsibilities of this For profit business to Support itself or Move on.

We Should NOT shoulder the Costs to keep Longshore here.

It is Not The Community's Job to support a section of the business sector that gives nothing but keeping a few families here.

This is not Fair to the Community at large.

From: Port commissioners select Alexandra Smith as new executive director

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