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With all the concern these days regarding "immigrants" illegally entering "our country" and causing harm how interesting that we would forget that it is us whites who barged into this land and took it from people who were living here already. As if that wasn't enough, we brought black slaves to do our labor meanwhile feeling justified in our actions. One bizarre element in all this is that these were white Christians who felt that God granted special privileges to whites over those who were non-white even though the region that Jesus came from was dominated by people with darker skins. So, the question that is being skirted all along regarding these issues is reparations. What can whites do to compensate for these wrongs? The white fisherman shouldn't bear all the responsibility for reparations. However, the question in this situation is what is appropriate for all of us white invaders to share in reparations and land rights that are justly due?

From: Boldt Decision – 50 Years – Part 2

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