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This process has got to end.

The stress and uncertainty this process has put on families throughout the district is a result of a lack of leadership and a school board that isn't functional. This is a hard decision that must be made by the superintendent who gets a paycheck to gather the necessary data and make these unpopular decisions. It is $3.5mm dollars out of budget of $180mm. 1500 employees. Come on.

This was also a self inflicted problem created by the district spending one time Covid money on recurring expenses.

The expectation that parents or community members are going to solve this problem in numerous meetings isn't supported by evidence. The outcome of any chosen option is a meeting where, for good reason, the parents show up en masse and demand their school not be considered. Ok. Repeat with another school.

Someone needs to make a decision, otherwise we just create anxiety, uncertainty and division in the community.

From: OSD to hold hearings on school closures February 26 and 29

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