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Greg Quetin and Carole Richmond are absolutely correct in opposing drive-throughs in Olympia. As if the Port's spewing of dirty exhaust from its log movers and the bunker fuel from the visiting ships weren't enough, drive-throughs will greatly increase exhaust emissions, including particulate matter that is known to activate cancer genes in our bodies. Jim Cooper, who does care about the health and safety of Olympia residents and visitors, is way off the mark on this one. There simply is no way to mitigate the exhaust from drive-throughs. Just ask those municipalities that have banned them completely.

I find it very interesting that the pop-up advertisement at the bottom of this page (at present) is for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We'll need them if drive-throughs are allowed.

From: Olympia committee accepts Plum Street drive-through proposals; lengthens the proposed area to 5th Avenue

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