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I just learned the hard way that we cannot use the TAB key in submitting comments.

My earlier comment on this article started as follows:

Why are our local governments so fond of hiding important details from us?

And why is JOLT not filling the information gap in every article?

Examples from this piece -

Here are the rest of my comments:

1. The article says "rent and utilities cannot exceed 30% of a household's income, where income must be 80% or less of the area median income". How many actual dollars is that? We should be told exactly how "low income" people need to be to deserve subsidies. We should also be informed of related details, such as what happens when a household's income increases and no longer qualifies for the subsidy.

2. The article also refers to "Olympia's multifamily tax exemption" program, but does not tell us what that means. In the case of the 12-year exemption for limited income households, it means that the owners of the property pay NO property taxes on the building for 12 years, AND that the rest of us will pay additional property taxes to pay the amount exempted. Not to mention how the city will assure compliance with these requirements (state analysts found that the city was not doing so).

3. The article also mentions reductions of 80% in impact fees for parks, schools, and transportation facilities and 50% for certain utility connection fees. How much is that? We are not told, but it's a lot. And what is the impact on the larger community? We are not told, but the rest of us will have to pay higher taxes to cover the loss.

Come on, city and JOLT -- give us the whole story!

Bob Jacobs

From: Affordable housing project at 505 Union Avenue Olympia looks at lowering expenses

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