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I’m sorry but that is a Monte Cristo Sandwich! A Croque Monsieur is not a fried sandwich nor dipped in an egg batter. It is made with slices of brioche bread, French ham only no turkey, Gruyère cheese & Mornay sauce (or a Bechamel sauce). The sandwich is made by placing some of the Mornay sauce on a slice of brioche, top with the ham, then the Gruyère cheese, more Mornay sauce then the second slice of brioche & then topped with more Mornay sauce & Gruyère. The sandwiches are then baked until baked through then browned under the broiler til golden brown. This obviously is a fork & knife meal but is quite different from a Monte Cristo sandwich & is extremely delectable.

From: Recipe: Croque monsieur - the sandwich of diplomats

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