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The proper use for aviation fuel taxes is to pay the health insurance costs of people living near the airport who suffer from the emissions when those fuels are burned, often in old polluting aircraft.

Much of the aviation gasoline is still leaded, unlike the unleaded gas we buy for our cars (yes, antique cars still need alcohol-free gas, but they don't need leaded gas. The aviation industry is dragging their feet on this issue.

Until the aviation industry fully compensates the public for the damage they do, none of that money should be used for airports. Airports should be paid for by landing fees on the aircraft.

And the Port of Olympia should pay property tax on the airport property. It is not used for a public purpose, it is used to support private purposes (yes, the state owns several of the aircraft, but it's still not really a "public" use if only a few get the benefit.

From: Port of Olympia joins other WA airports to potentially litigate state for diverting fuel taxes

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