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The threat of lead contamination from aviation has become an emotional argument rather than one based on objective or quantitative facts. Alleged lead poisoning attributed to piston aircraft flying overhead is at the end of a very long list of things that threaten our health in 2024. No, the airport is not going to pay for your health insurance. Yes, the industry is developing unleaded fuels. And no, it’s not as simple as running it through a Chevy small-block V8 from 1965.

Questioning the importance of aviation infrastructure is shortsighted. Olympia Regional is home to three flight schools, multiple aviation repair facilities, one of which is a major helicopter repair operation, seasonal firefighting aircraft, State Patrol aircraft, EMS helicopters, the list goes on… these things have to exist somewhere and NIMBY logic doesn’t solve any problems.

We have an airport, let’s figure out how to make it do the most good for our community. If you live right next to it and you really hate airplanes… bummer. Do you remember what Olympia was like without an airport? Me neither.

The article is about the state misappropriation of aviation fuel tax revenue as a violation of federal law. Perhaps the proper use of those funds could speed up the replacement of tanks to make G100UL (unleaded avgas) fuel available sooner.

From: Port of Olympia joins other WA airports to potentially litigate state for diverting fuel taxes

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