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Isn't this the very same Port of Olympia that decided to expand the Olympia airport, called in a lot of experts, and FAA staff to plan the expansion and gosh, didn't bother to ask those of us living next to it if we had an opinion? They didn't because they knew what we'd say. Absolutely NOT.

Of course it's NIMBY. Those who sneer at us who protest constant air traffic overhead aren't living next to it, or on the flight paths.

There may, once have been room for all these airports...but it's gone now. Accept that the average person does NOT want the noise, the pollution, of a ''regional airport'', no matter what its size.

If the Oly airport is losing money, it's because the wealthy few who use it as their own, taxpayer funded airport don't spend their money on it. They have US pay for it.

The airport should be shut down, used only by firefighting, air evac and State Patrol.

From: Port of Olympia joins other WA airports to potentially litigate state for diverting fuel taxes

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