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Second Otter is correct. A new airport will be a headache for All involved, a headache NOT Needed by Thurston County.

Those that feel the airport is outdated here have Many in County residents that Agree.

This Airport renewal idea came from the Old Commissioners Agendas.

We Have a Bright New Commission that in my opinion, should revisit the Idea of Building New.

Saying that The Idea of Leaded gas and Noise near by is An Emotional Arguement, care little for Peoples Health, because it does'nt affect them... how Absurd.

Im happy to see J.Vasavada put the brakes on OLD Commissioners undone work.

Every desicision made by the Last Commissioners should be examined Closely.

From: Port of Olympia joins other WA airports to potentially litigate state for diverting fuel taxes

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