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Mr. Lazar, with all due respect- I remember you jumping into a frigid lake for swims, and I appreciate your partner's public service to the Olympia community. I am an Olympia Original. As such, I am irritated by the relative apathy of our community regarding these school closures.

I appreciate you pointing out that out-sourced journalism appears to be back-firing on JOLT. I sat through the entire hearing, in person, and found that one individual incorrectly suggested that board members are paid. He actually used to reside on waterfront of the same lake you'd swim in! It was a long, long hearing. But to make that false statement the headline? That's poor journalism.

Fact Check: You report that Superintendent Murphy is earning $236,000/year.


According to OSPI data, Mr. Murphy is making approximately $267,000/year, and with benefits, the total is $320,000/year. Source: => Excel Files => Washington State School Personnel - School Year 2023-2024

The next 26 highest paid positions in the central office (NOT principals) cost the district a total of over $4.8M. Same source as above. Many of these are essential positions, but not all of the positions are essential. Many have been created since Superintendent Murphy took office.

Regarding the difficult decision the board faces with school closure? I'd like you to name one board member from way back when John Rogers closed who could tell you with a straight face, that this is a comparable situation.

I feel like closing any school is going to increase the carbon footprint of the district. Especially, like, the walkable and bikeable ones. Leave Boston Harbor out of it, because that's 6 in 1, half-dozen in the other as far as bus usage goes. It would only increase bus ride times for students which correlates to lower test scores.

This school closure proposal is a detriment to our children, community, and our environment. Mad respect to you, Mr Lazar. But please, check before you post.

From: Madison Elementary School community wants school board to take pay cuts to fill in budget shortfall

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