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Mr Bauer is correct, the City is experiencing quite the housing boom. The story should have led with that rather than the Hearings Examiners fragment of development projects comments. It is an odd way to frame development trends in Olympia. As Mr. Jacobs notes, the information provided is not comparable. The HE only sees a few of the projects, so his numbers are not close to the total projects being reviewed and approved. Plus, development projects are often “delayed” by the developers consultant attorney submitting incomplete information. Often the developers projects are “self delayed” by not addressing storm water, traffic and landscape requirements. These requirements are clearly flagged by the City staff during presubmission meetings. Some developers and their consultants proceed to ignore these directives. Maybe a follow up meeting on “common ways developers delay their project reviews and approval”.

From: Hearing Examiner observes slower development pace in Olympia compared to other jurisdictions

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