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"Our" native madrone (does it really matter whether I call it a madrone or madrona? No.) , Arbutus menziesii, is probably one of my favorite trees. I never thought of them as being "messy"..We have two growing on the edge of a played out gravel pit near my home, fitting the 'dry, rocky soil, often on hill'. During the snowfall of 15 Feb 24, one of them took one heck of hit, the weight of the snow breaking off a significantly thick limb.

I love the red, bare skin of the tree. Sometimes I go and just stroke the wood, thinking how smooth and lovely it is.

So many trees are being cut down to make way for more housing. IF the developer replaces trees, he uses non natives such a London plane tree, and never one that puts out seeds or nuts. It's sad. And the developer just throws the sapling into a hole and calls it good. By the time the tree has died due to lack of care, the developer is long gone.

Go ahead and call me a tree hugger, I wear that name proudly.

From: Behold the Madrona

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