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@Boatyarddog - folks all feel differently about the nuances of voting and, honestly, they don't have to explain themselves to anyone else. Not everyone is comfortable with displaying their choice of party on the outside of the ballot. And they have as much of a right to be heard as someone who doesn't have the uncomfortableness around voting. In fact, in a state where you may be the minority politically, it could also be seen as voter suppression. Unfortunately, there are instances where people are unintentionally shamed out of voting due to public sentiment. Our right to vote is sacred, and we should treat it as such. Legal precedent across the country often favors protecting the minority. So, we should be cognizant of that. It's easy to say "I'm a proud Democrat" in a place where the overwhelming majority shares your opinion. It's a far more delicate situation living and voting in opposition territory. I don't claim any party, but I can understand the plight of the minority on a ton of issues.

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