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I'd say it was "fantastic" if they weren't jammed together so terribly close together. I've read a lot about using tiny "houses" as a step up for people without proper shelter. Some are truly "fantastic" and allow for people to have safe and clean space (these usually include garden spaces and art) , sadly some just want to treat people like a problem that needs a storage solution. This seems to be the case in Thurston county and for sure in this site. I guess it's a matter of how we perceive what our less fortunate brothers and sisters deserve. If you have money you (are treated like) deserve green spaces, parks for yuppies with puppies, art, room to socially distance, and many more nice things that are taken for granted. If you are unlucky enough to fall through the cracks that were put there as traps you (maybe) deserve 65 sq feet jammed as close to your neighbor as possible, all jammed into the corner of a (mostly empty) parking lot. But by all means I guess elitists need a place to sometimes park their cars. That is somehow more important than treating people well. Shame on oly city council. Good for the people building these places because I do believe that they care at least a little, but they can't really be called housing, and they should be given more space between. I would never stay in one personally. I've been homeless more than half my life (I'm 46) most of it in my hometown oly. I know I deserve better than what they offer as help. We all do.

From: 65 microshelters will replace tents for homeless users in downtown Olympia

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