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Heather Burgess has issues which should have resulted in the Port severing connections with her and her firm long ago.

It is so disappointing to see the port commissioners not only doing business with her but agreeing to double their payments to her??

She sat as the Port attorney for years during many very questionable practices: Environmental lawsuits against the Port (in which the Port lost and paid extensive settlements), environmentally degrading practices which saw the Port seriously in trouble with Dept. of Ecology for repeated violations, multiple episodes of hiding practices, cover-up & attempts to prevent access to Port inspections, spurious and personally damaging allegations against the Port's own sitting commissioner Zita, years of subterfuge in accounting practices, a completely bad-faith purchase of the huge Lacey real estate properties in which major structural repair info was kept from commissioners until after the purchase....the list goes on and on.

What is she still doing here?

From: Port invests in additional forklifts, a lease transfer, lawyers talk

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