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This is a measure the Lacey Council should be very concerned about. This whole issue to allow privileged HOA's to sidestep the City's tree protections, was initiated by an individual who simply desired to remove more trees, in the midst of their HOA. That the City of Lacey is even entertaining this is disturbing....during a time of mounting climate crisis, the distinct knowledge that trees are of utmost value in mitigating CO2 and stormwater, decrease fossil fuel use from the shade and cool they provide, are proven to provide greater happiness and calm to neighborhoods along with higher property values for residents, ETC.

Without a regulatory body to provide oversight, rules like this are changed, abuse occurs, and then we're all left sitting with the losses.

Lacey is a nationally recognized TREE CITY!!

I can only hope the Council maintains its ethics and purpose, follows the letter and the intent of the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan it has signed onto....and protects their trees.

From: Lacey City Council reviews proposal that would allow HOAs to remove trees

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