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This will not allow clear-cutting, so I'm surprised at the panic. If an individual resident can apply for and then remove individual tress, HOA managed trees should also be subject to the same codes. We have extreme weather, in case you haven't noticed, that can cause trees to become dangerous in a matter of seconds. HOA's become legally responsible if they knew a tree was a hazard and took no action. Most would not be able to defend themselves in a lawsuit without a major increase in monthly fees or a large one-time assessment. Trees are not just a benefit without liabilities. Power should be given back to HOA's to determine what's best for the community and it's members. If you believe in local control, you should support this change in the code. And nothing can stop you from planting more trees on your property to offset the perceived loss of tree cover. Opportunities also exist to plant trees throughout the cities and the county. I'm in favor of this change.

From: Lacey City Council reviews proposal that would allow HOAs to remove trees

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