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This story is missing some critical detail. Because an HOA was denied permission to cut down a healthy tree they complained over a year ago to city council which directed staff to "review the tree ordinances" This resulted in a proposed change that would have allowed HOA's to cut down whatever trees they wanted which was brought to the planning commission. The PC had 3 meets addressing this and heard from over 16 citizens stating they wanted trees protected. These citizens pointed out that the cities own survey showed 70% of citizens want current or stronger tree protections enforced. Only 3% want the free right to cut as they see fit. In addition the city report shows that in the last 15 years 15% of Lacey's tree cover has been cut down. So clearly we need stronger not weaker tree protections.

The planning commission voted to reject the new proposal and say the HOA's had to follow the current policy. The current policy was put in place because when HOA's are developed they have to work out with the city planning department exactly what trees can be cut for building and where trees should be. So why after such careful planning would we turn around once it is built and let them cut down whatever they want? But because one council person: CM Greenstein, who himself lives in HOA complained about this and demanded they have a path to cut down healthy trees the Mayor directed the staff to create a proposal with some path to cut down healthy trees. This is what will be presented on the 16th. CM Greenstein seeks special privilege's for HOA's that Single Family Homes don't have which are also not supposed to cut down healthy trees.

It is outrageous that one squeaky wheel, one HOA, well actually one person is trying to get a policy change that is not favored by the vast majority of citizen's in Lacey. It is outrageous that the hours and hours of work of the citizen based planning commission, the staff and the citizens who testified are all being ignored for this one person's demands. Let us not be confused - right now a dying or dead tree or a fall hazard can be cut down. So this is about cutting down healthy trees or one that someone simply does not like. In this time of climate change - all of our trees are drawing down greenhouse gases and we need them. It is as stated on here already absurd to talk about allowing someone to cut down a trees that needs pruning instead.

Council should reject this absurd plan.

From: Lacey City Council reviews proposal that would allow HOAs to remove trees

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