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If the City of Olympia had not maintained a status which allows commercial logging within the city limits, this wouldn't be happening. An appeals attorney reviewing this permit said he doesn't know of another city that still does this. Some of us are trying so hard to establish good tree policy regulations for the local jurisdictions, trying to fight the state DNR clear-cutting of our legacy forests in Capital Forest and all around the County and beyond, trying to protect especially unique and large legacy trees, trying to fight the way our region's cities permit total clear-cuts on diverse forest habitat with over 100 year old trees---just to put up a few expensive single-family houses.

It's as if these jurisdictions haven't just all agreed to a Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan, which they have....and are moving in the opposite direction of their carbon mitigation targets. It's as if local leaders seem to know nothing of the value of these kinds of tracts of trees....which protect and provide salmon habitat, are so important to stormwater absorption, create cool shade and neighborhood beauty and trails, and protect diverse species habitat.

We have so far to go....

From: Surprise logging operation in west Olympia has galvanized neighbors

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