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A watershed approach will be needed for successful management of pollutants and sedimentation in Budd Inlet. That is, there is much more to consider with this project than impacts from removal of Capitol Lake Dam. Water quality, including sedimentation issues, impacting the Budd Inlet area are a product of cumulative environmental/land use disturbances throughout the watershed over many years. These “legacy” disturbances can continue to degrade the Budd Inlet area if not adequately “healed” naturally, or by directed environmental restoration measures. Bed-load movement is a natural part of free-flowing river systems, however the magnitude of bed-load movement can be highly influenced by land use practices across the landscape. Those planning, managing and implementing the Budd Inlet restoration project would do well to consider these more wholistic factors when deciding the most effective approach or approaches to achieve desired objectives.

From: Budd Inlet cleanup will be the Port’s biggest project in decades

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